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Maximum Industries Waterjet Capabilities Featured on KMT Waterjet

Maximum Industries is thrilled to announce we were featured on KMT Waterjet for our waterjet capabilities! We have six waterjet systems in total, and two have five-axis high gantry systems. Visit KMS Waterjet's site to view the full article.

Video Transcription

0:04yeah 0:17as a business owner of from a familiarity standpoint with service with
0:24 relationships we've standardized on our machining center supplier and our water
0:29just wire we have nothing but kmt pumps in our facility and one of the reasons
0:34for that is we've done our homework they are a progressive company taking the
0:42technology from you know 50,000 60,000 90,000 so they're focused at how to cut
0:49faster and better and so if you look at the cutting capability going from 60,000
0:5690,000 and now the mean time between failures that justify the cost to make
1:01that investment to get that advantage
1:04it's a slam dunking kmt will help would be in our facility long time being an
1:10early adopter with any technology you know for better for worse you've got to
1:14live through some of the evolution processes of the product and fortunately
1:18for kmt that 90,000 pro 3 series waterjet upgrades has turned out to be
1:26for the better with the latest generation top works and steel designs
1:30the faster cutting speeds means definitely more throughput when when
1:35two-thirds of your operating costs directly associated with the abrasive or
1:40something to do with the abrasive that being shorter nozzle live with the
1:44increase abrasive close the advantages that's 90 k give you the less abrasive
1:50perlini reach of cutting means less cost on the front end and on the back in when
1:56you're trying to dispose of that abrasive the jet quality of so much
2:00better tighter as far as a quality tool that you're cutting with tolerances that
2:05you're able to achieve with this tire jet so the new applications that this is
2:09opening up with the tolerance capability
2:12this is pretty significant with the more throughput the lower operating costs the
2:17seal life is now 400 hours plus the less cost per liter inch the higher quality
2:25that's going to allow you to to gain new business that you weren't able to
2:30achieve reform and those savings go straight to the bottom line or those
2:34savings can be passed on to the customer with more aggressive pricing so it makes
2:38you more competitive in the marketplace

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